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Deuschle Spindel-Service GmbH

Paying attention to details is the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Our goal: Excellence.

Deuschle is in the market of spindle repair services of high-speed cutting spindles (HSC) for more than 50 years. In 1966, founder Karl Deuschle offered his experise knowledge in HSC-Technology. This led into developing qualified services for HSC-spindles.

Many years of field service activities in this area brought today’s marketing strategy which is very user oriented to the entire enterprise. First members of service staff were employed in 1985. Milling, Grinding and Drilling spindles of all main spindle and machine manufacturer are repaired in own facilities.

By constantly rising demand and the more individual developments of the machine and equipment Deuschle was challenged to offer new service concepts.

The range of services had to be extended for spindle units up to 120,000rpm.
Nowadays, the team consists of approx. 30 qualified workers who are working inhouse as well as on the field to satisfy customers’ individual needs. At field side CNC machine service is offered as well. Companies’ activities are in the metalworking industry, the electrical and electronic industry, the wood and plastic industry and in the medical sector.

Active contact to customers and constant research on the market enables to be into the newest innovations. Deuschle sets on the direct contact to customers where quick repair and individual services are needed.

Deuschle knows how to handle modifications on existing spindle systems if needed. Hereby the CAD platform of ProEngineer is being used. As system supplier Deuschle offers not only the spindle repair service itself but also peripheral devices such as tools, frequency converters, chillers and other small accessories.

Adjusting individual components brings a complete and ready system to the customer. The field work at customer side offers a CNC machine service including taking out and start-up of the reapired spindle again. Exchange spindle are available in the spare parts pool immediately.

The Company


2016 50 Years DEUSCHLE
2014 Deuschle Bisingen got 32 employees and achieved about 20.000 repaired spindle units.
2014 Deuschle Korea employes 8 workers.
2013 ISO 9001:2008 Certification Deuschle Korea is achieved.
2012 Cooperation with CAPELLINI SRL, Italy begins.
2012 Foundation of the Deuschle Korea Ltd. in Seoul (South Korea).
2010 Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 achieved.
2008 3D Measuring Machine with highest accuracy was installed.
2003 Leadership transferred to the 2. generation with the sons Samuel Deuschle and Jonathan Deuschle.
1999 Relocation to Bisingen with 2000m2 area
1994 Deuschle develops and manufactures the first own spindle.
1989 Relocation to own company building in Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 1
1988 1. Exhibition at the AMB in Stuttgart
1985 Relocation to the industrial estate Denkendorf with around 300m2
1980 Relocation of the factory to into the summerhouse with 40m2
1978 1. Exhibition at the FAMETA in Stuttgart
1973 1. Workshop in residence of the company founder Karl Deuschle
1966 Legal registration of Business


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