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Spindle Accessories

We offer you a wide range of spindle accessories i.e. fine filtered spindle lubrication oil, coolant addititives , coolant cleaners, clamping collet grease, taper cleaner, preservatives for cooling water and so on.

The main motor spindle itself is the heart of every machine. The reason for failure is not always found at the spindle itself. The supply devices might cause the defective spindle. Therefore, we also offer you the right spindle accessories.

  • Fine filtered oil for oil-lubricated spindles – spindle oil HLP -32 ( viscosity 32) HLP -46 (viscosity 46) and HLP -68 (viscosity 68)
  • Coolant -F or COOL- X (cooling media additive or finished cooling medium)
  • Swiss Care SC or Contram (cleaning and disinfection)
  • Antisept or Bodoxin (preservative)
  • Metaflux Spray (for weekly regreasing of the HSK / SK clamping system)
  • Minimum quantity lubricants HLP -22 (viscosity 22)

More available accessories :

  • Collets type ER , EX, D
  • Clamping nuts type ER , EXE or D
  • Internal grinding arbors type HJND and UJD , and threaded studs type GB and UJG
  • Original CAPELLINI Accessories
  • Grinding wheel adapters with internal taper or HSK (manufacturing according to your drawing)

In our Webshop you can find an outline of our offered accessories. If not listed, please enquiry by email.


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