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Spindle Service

Motor spindles – Grinding spindles – Turning spindles – Belt driven spindles

We repair all machining spindles equipped with roller and spindle bearings - manufacturer-independent and reliable.

Because of many years of experience of our staff, specialized training at various spindle manufacturers, and because of the own spindle manufacturing, we can repair almost all spindles. The close contact to manufacturers of clamping systems, bearings, rotary joints and sealings allows us to refer with original spare parts in a short time.

Spindle-specific components can be designed and manufactured with the 3D CAD system ProEngineer. Flexible suppliers enable the timely production in highest quality.

Repair of bearing seats, tool interfaces, clamping systems, unclamp units/cylinders

As part of the disassembly and analysis of a spindle repair all relevant components, such as bearing flanges, bearing bushes, spindle shafts and tool holders are accurately measured. Since 2008, we own a 3D measuring machine with high measurement accuracy (1 micron L/400mm) to examine the geometry errors exactly.
We are able to repair all damages shown, as worn out bearing seats, defective clamping systems, leaking unclamp units/cylinder and rotary joints.
The result of each action corresponds to the quality and accuracy of the original state.

Test run and check of vibration, run-out, clamping force, sensor function

Before each delivery, the repaired spindle is subjected to an extensive test run.
In this case, all bearings undergo a grease distribution cycle or a warm-up cycle for oil lubricated spindles.
Hereby, all mechanical and electrical parameters are measured at the maximum speed, in hot condition and afterwards in room temperature condition before delivery.
The spindles are balanced according to ISO 1940, if necessary they are re-balanced in the testing phase so that only a small residual imbalance remains.
Of course, all functions and parameters are checked and measured as part of the final quality check. We have special measuring equipment and testing equipment. The measurement results are mostly electronically documented and archived. This gives a detailed audit trail of all data for each spindle.

Service procedure sequence

The following presentation shows the typical sequence of a service request.


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